Preserving your physical and mental health in life

One of the best ways that exist in order to preserve the physical and mental health of a human being, especially for a person who is going through a difficult situation in their life, like having to be plunged and caught in the vice of drugs and alcohol, it is essential to implement multiple values, and one of these values is respect. The respect for his own self, respect for others, respect for laws and regulations that are imposed in a rehabilitation center that is dedicated especially to take care of patients with severe addiction problems.

Why do we say all this? Well, because the respect is the key to being able to preserve your physical and mental health, our rehabilitation center teaches and shows you each of the patients this type of values, this means that they can preserve the facilities, medical equipment that are used for treatment, as they serve to take care of them, give them the advice they need and avoid that put at risk the well-being of others.

The outright ban of the use of addictive substances is irrefutable in our facilities, because it is the only way we have to be able to preserve your physical and mental health. So, if you are looking for any information on the values, the various methods that we use to treat our patients or what kind of prohibitions we handle in our rehabilitation center, what you are going to find is here described.

  1. Our main value.
  1. Types of prohibitions.
  • Flatly prohibited the use of addictive substances or drugs without a prescription.
  1. The rehabilitation plan or methods that we use.
  • Personalized Treatment Depending on the degree of addiction that present the patient and kind of addiction you have.

All these things you are learning as convivas with us or for the duration of your treatment of detoxification. We invite you to contact with the personnel in customer service so that you can go by filling out the application for membership, in this way we will be able to go studying your case preparing your personalized treatment plan.

Any concern, doubt, curiosity or suggestions you have you can perfectly be sent in writing through the emails available on this our official website. Don’t forget that every minute that passes without receiving professional help you need, really counts.

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