Makassar, Indonesia: Tourism Gem in Sulawesi Island

Indonesia is a country that offers various tourist destinations for your dream vacation. Bali and Lombok are some of the popular example. If you want to visit less popular place, you can try to visit Makassar, Indonesia. Tourism in this city is considered a new compared to Bali or Lombok. But it doesn’t means this city is less attractive than the other. The following paragraph will give suggestion to some of the recommended tourist attraction

There are many places you can visit when you travel to Makassar. Some of the recommended tourist destinations are listed below:

  • Spermonde Archipelago: this archipelago consists of a chain of more than 115 islands from the Makassar’s west, south, and north coast. Most of these islands are still uninhabited, while a small part of these islands are developed for tourism purpose, which are constantly visited by tourist. The first is Samolana Island. This island is the center of beautiful coral reefs for unforgettable snorkeling experience. The second island is Lae-lae Island, a wonderful small island with ruins of Japanese war. This island was used as the Japanese army post during WWI, offering the magnificent remnants where you can capture some wonderful pictures.
  • Akkarena Beach: for beach lovers and photography enthusiasts, watching sunset on a beach while capturing the magnificent scenery is a must during a vacation. One of the best place to enjoy sunset in Makassar is Akkarena Beach. Situated at Makassar’s coastal side, this wonderful black sandy beach can be reach in just ten minutes away from the center of the city. There is a wooden deck where you can simply relax and admire the beauty of the crimson horizon when the sun start to set. Near the beach, there are many restaurants where you can visit after enjoying the sunset.
  • Fort Rotterdam: this Makassar harbor’s fort was fist built in 1545 during the era of colonialism in Indonesia. Nowadays, this fort becomes one among the most preserved remains of Dutch influence in Indonesia’s architecture, which thanks to its consistent rebuilding and restoration to keep the integrity of the structure. This place is the best destination for those who wish to learn more about Indonesian history. Capture some iconic pictures with the classic European architecture as its background.
  • Lake Tanralili: located approximately 2 hours from the center of Makassar by car, this lake is certainly worth the trip. Lake Tanralili is situates at the Bawakaraeng Mountain’s foot, at Lengkese Village to be exact. It is surrounded by Loe Valley, which occurred because of a landslide. The trek to the lake can be quite challenging, so this is another great option for adventure lovers. It may needs extra efforts to arrive at this lake. However, the sceneries it offers once you arrive surely worth all the efforts.

The list above already describe several recommended places in Makassar you can visit during your vacation. There are still many more places to visit. However, if you only have limited time, these places should be enough to represent the experiences offered by Makassar.

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