Learning About the Science Behind the Herbal Extract Tongkat Ali

Herbal extracts are standardized for a certain percentage of the active plant ingredient to optimize beneficial results. Often, an herb is known by a nickname in addition to its botanical name, and the active ingredient has yet another name.

Eurycoma longifolia, for instance, is the botanical name for the product commonly called Tongkat Ali. The active component that stimulates the body to produce more testosterone is Eurycomanone. Someone shopping for this type of supplement might look for Tongkat Ali Eurycomanone to make sure the product is a standardized extract.

Active Ingredient Concentration

Herbal extracts do not contain 100 percent of the active ingredient. The effects might be too strong or unsafe, or potency might actually be lost at such a high concentration. That may seem counterintuitive, but it’s often the case. In fact, many herbal extracts have relatively low concentrations of the effective ingredients. The best Tongkat Ali supplements contain between 2.4 and 2.7 percent Eurycomanone.

Multiple Active Components

Some herbs have more than one active ingredient included in an extract. This is the case with Tongkat Ali, which also naturally includes an ingredient that controls estrogen production and another that boosts sperm production. These effects also are connected with Eurycomanone. Plant chemists and herbalists alike understand the importance of proper concentrations of active components.

Beneficial Chemical Compounds

Eurycomanone is a specific kind of plant chemical group known as a quassinoid, which are all from the same broader plant family. These groups of chemical compounds have long been used in folk remedies, and scientists increasingly are discovering their benefits for modern medicine. While some, like Eurycomanone, have beneficial hormonal effects, others are being researched for their positive effects in therapy for serious illnesses.

Buying High-Quality Products

When buying any kind of herbal supplement, it’s important to choose a reputable producer known for high-quality items. Supplements are not regulated the way that medications are, so sometimes cheaper versions do not have the exact same components listed on the label or don’t have them in the stated amounts. When it comes to Tongkat Ali, consumers must only buy products that are root extracts, since the active components are in the root.