Best drug used for Cutting Cycles

When it comes to cutting and gaining strength, there are many steroids that a professional bodybuilder can name. cutting means getting rid of those excess fats while retaining your muscles and possibly make them look fit and toned a little bit more. Almost all bodybuilders choose to use steroids in order to help them achieve their body goals but it is important to remember that steroids are dangerous especially when misused. You have to know which steroid can effectively help you out, but at the same time won’t be a huge threat when it comes to the point where you are already regularly using it.

Winstrol or Winny is a great cutting steroid that also has the ability to promote strength as well. If you are looking forward to your next cutting cycle, you should think about using this steroid. It can also be used during your bulking cycle to boost the other hormones too. it can help raise your strength but not in a way that bodybuilders would prefer it because there are many other steroids that can help promote strength better. There is no specific dosage when it comes to taking this drug but you should also know that a lot of beginners would start with 50 mg.

Taking Winstrol orally

Some bodybuilders would prefer taking steroids orally if they are given the choice simply because it is easier and less hassle compared to using injectable which can be a big problem especially if you are afraid of needles. Newbies who want to try it this way are wondering how much oral Winstrol to take. As mentioned above, the starting dosage for most is 50 mg per day for 6-8 weeks of cutting cycle but there are also people who would prefer 100 mg per day for the whole duration. Taking oral Winstrol is not really recommended because it is toxic to the liver. If you are a bodybuilder that would take higher dosage for only 10-14 days in order to get ready for competition, then you don’t have to worry about it affecting your liver because you are only using it for a short amount of time.

Women taking the risk just to use Winstrol

Even though it is not recommended, women are still using some steroids such as Winstrol. Now if you are wondering how they could use it when they are in risk of getting virilization effects, some don’t care because 20 mg of Winstrol is enough for them to get the results but is also enough to cause virilization effects already. If they choose to lower it to 10 mg, they won’t be getting the results which is pretty useless.

The Most Common Side Effect of Winstrol (or any other anabolic drug for that matter)

All anabolic drugs are capable of bringing you adverse effects, this is true especially with Winstrol. Prolonged use or abusing this will mean that you can experience liver problems. This is important to remember and you must look for signs while using this and go to your doctor right away.

Drugs used for cutting such as Winstrol is effective because of how potent they can be, and this is why you need to watch how much you consume everyday to avoid any negative effects because a strong drug will work very well but will also ruin you.